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live jazz, blues and rock music in Sarajevo

jazz & blues club Jazzbina is devised, designed and equipped with a single mission: to provide a good party with a top music, friendly service and a diverse range of drinks.
At the jazz & blues club Jazzbina you shall be entertained with live performances by domestic and foreign jazz, blues, rock bands and musicians.
Welcome to the jazz & blues club Jazzbina!

A Night at Jazzbina

A Night at Jazzbina

We invite you to an evening where you may along with a wide selection of first-class beverages enjoy our mix of Jazz & Blues & RnR & Funk and Soul music.
Act responsibly and keep the distance!

ABBA Real Tribute Band - jazz club Jazzbina Sarajevo

ABBA Real Tribute Band

With original performance, costumes and choreography, band completely portrays the atmosphere and the spirit that prevailed at the ABBA live concerts.
Hits, such as Waterloo, Chiquitita, Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia, S.O.S and many others, are performed in an original way, without leaving the framework of an authentic.
Act responsibly and keep the distance!
početak u 22h - cijena karte 12 KM

Embryo - jazz & blues club Jazzbina

Embryo live at Jazzbina

In cooperation with the Goethe Institute BiH, we present the extraordinary Embryo!
Embryo combines traditional music with its jazzy space rock style. Jazz, rock, ethno melodies, rhythms and improvisations merge into a new sound that we have not had the opportunity to hear before.
Music without borders always looking for - always finding something new.
Act responsibly and keep the distance!
start at 08:30h - admission free!

Jazzbina ponovo sa vama

Jazzbina with you again

After a pause caused by the corona virus epidemic, Jazzbina opens its doors in a new guise.
We used the ban time to refresh and redecorate the interior of Jazzbina.
From darker to lighter shades, as a sign of transition from the gloomy age of prohibitions and restrictions to the time ahead in which we will again be able to happily hang out and enjoy with Blues, Rock and Jazz music performed by local and foreign musicians and bands.

Dobrodošli u Jazzbinu
Dobrodošli u Jazzbinu
jazz & blues club Jazzbina Sarajevo - about us

our story
jazz & blues club Jazzbina

Jazzbina is a live music venue and jazz & blues club located in Marsala Tita street (no. 38) in the centre of Sarajevo, in the passage behind McDonalds.
You may use the Google map on our contact page for directions.
The main idea was to present our city with a brand new music bar and venue, offering good time and the best of memories. Jazzbina serves as a true sanctuary to all jazz, blues and R'n'R fans who like an urban and modern interior, as well as to enjoy in quality live music shows while sipping on first class beverages.
We hope that our clever interior design, quality live gigs and wide array of beverages may help you choosing JAZZBINA for the best night out, as it is truly the best experience Sarajevo can offer.
We are working hard on booking the best possible live gigs for the entire year, and in that process we do not forget to support and arrange stage for quality young and local bands, as well as for bands and musicians from all over the globe.
As we like to believe, the very soul of a club is created by its guests and only then it can truly be moulded into a perfect atmosphere.
That being said, we are truly excited and happy to see all of you guys in our club.

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written by Lea Petrovic Numic for

spottedbylocals about us

I love everything about this place. Literally everything. Starting with its name that means jazz stage (bina = stage), but if you cut one “z” out, you get the word jazbina which translates as the den; all the way to the combination of very well selected and truly intimate small concerts, drinks, the people who hang out here, the owners, the staff – everything :). Jazzbina is definitely one of my favourite places for a night out, or at least the final destination of the night. It is my custom-made den, especially during the cold days (which can be really cold in Sarajevo).
This jazz bar lives 7 days a week and offers a sanctuary to those in a need of some fine tunes. Dear owners of this place will make sure to put together a great repertoire of music, starting with ex-YU rock stuff and topping it off with the sounds of the high-quality musicians of Jazz Guerilla. It’s not uncommon for the Guerilla guys to make some room on the tiny stage for the guests (mostly some of the world’s popular names in jazz music) to jam into the session.
Like in any other bar, there’s a fine selection of drinks, but I rarely remember what I’ve drunk… It’s more about whom I’ve met or what kind of music I’ve listened to.

Jazzavac maskota

jazz & blues club Jazzbina
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