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On this page below you can find our weekly program of mostly live performances, as well as specially selected announcements of live gigs of local and foreign bands and musicians.
The jazz & blues club Jazzbina is constantly trying to book the best live performances for the whole year, but in the process we do not forget to support and organize the stage for quality young and local bands, as well as for bands and musicians from all over the world.

live gigs in the forthcoming period

NORMAN BEAKER TRIO - jazz & blues club Jazzbina Sarajevo


For affectionate fans of RnR & blues music - exclusively at Jazzbina!
Don't miss the performance of the extraordinary Norman Beaker Trio, a music event to remember performed by world-renowned musicians.
Act responsibly and keep the distance!
starts at 22:00 - ticket price 12 KM

Jazzbina ponovo sa vama

Jazzbina with you again

After a pause caused by the corona virus epidemic, Jazzbina opens its doors in a new guise.
We used the ban time to refresh and redecorate the interior of Jazzbina.
From darker to lighter shades, as a sign of transition from the gloomy age of prohibitions and restrictions to the time ahead in which we will again be able to happily hang out and enjoy with Blues, Rock and Jazz music performed by local and foreign musicians and bands.

Jazzavac maskota

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