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about Aklea

Aklea Neon, a songwriter from Osijek, Croatia, and traveling musician, channels her Afro-soul ethno-beats harmony with her whole body - foot on pedal looper, hand on guitar and MIDI controller with voice that resonates to the scalp.
After completing her first solo tour, during which she held about 50 concerts, this "rhythm and beat villa" (as the media rumbles) has garnered audience sympathy from Dubrovnik to Berlin, and will perform in Opatija at the Eurovision Song Contest "Dora" at the end of the month. will introduce the new song "Zovi ju mama".
Aklea's debut single "Da mi je", recorded in London, originated in Croatia with footage of a Brazilian coast trip on a motorbike, is a song that has legs, wheels and wings. The second single "Pola puta" was released on the Femme Nouvelle compilation, voice-over with the most influential songwriters in Croatia. The third single "What I Want" is infused with infectious afro sound and melodic vocals, and the song is accompanied by renowned world portals of this musical direction.
DA MI JE -https://youtu.be/hGcZEzcCjHE
POLA PUTA -https://youtu.be/_GBuihPotxM
WHAT I WANT -https://youtu.be/Z0r_6UCMnjQ
You can reserve your seats via our contact page or by phone on 061 311 523.
starts at 21:30h - ticket 5KM

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