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Quartet Aleksandra Kutrzepa at Jazzbina

about the band

Aleksandra Kutrzepa Quartet was formed in December 2015. Members of the band are graduates the Karol Szymanowski Music Academy in Katowice and Institute Of Music of the Art Department in Lublin.
The band's repertoire consists of original compositions combining elements of contemporary jazz and free jazz with illustrative music. For a long time the band worked on a common sound, which is a priority for each member, and is created by the unconventional use of electronics supporting the color of acoustic instruments.
In May 2018, the band released their debut album “Impressions”. Album “Impressions” hit in December 2018 on the list of the 5 best jazz debuts in Poland. In the summary of 2018, the album “Impressions” won 4th place in the plebiscite “The Best Polish Jazz Album”.
In 2019 Aleksandra Kutrzepa was included on the list of the 20 best violinists in Poland.
In October 2019, Aleksandra Kutrzepa Quartet released their second album “Mermaid”.
You can reserve your seats via our contact page or by phone on 061 311 523.

band members

Aleksandra Kutrzepa - violin
Bartek Garczyński - guitar
Michał Studniarek - bass
Robert Kutrzepa – percussions

Quartet Aleksandra Kutrzepa at Jazzbina
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