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about the band

Formed in 1969 in Germany. One of the most original and innovative Krautrock bands, Embryo is fusing traditional music with their own jazzy space rock style. They played with the great Jazzpianist Mal Waldron, saxophone player Charlie Mariano, world stars like Trilok Gurtu, Fela Kuti and many others. Since 2016 Christian Burchard´s daughter: Marja, born 1985,who grew up with the Band, is leading Embryo. She bring´s new Energy with the same Spirit. Jazz, Rock, Ethno Melodies, Rhythms and Improvisations are fusing into a new Sound never heard before. It s pure music.
Also with the new Generation Embryo keeps flowing on and on- Creating and remembering with big respect to old melodies and masters of the whole world without loosing their own style.
Music without borders always looking for - always finding something new...

band members:

Jana Thomaschütz - cello
Jan Weissenfeldt - guitar
Sascha Lüer - saxophone
Jakob Thun - drums
Maasl Maier - Bass, Sax
Marja Burchard - vibraphone, santur, keys

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