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Fabrica 071 at the jazz club Jazzbina

about the band

Yes, we play in Jazzbina!😀 We guess it's going to be a party (again), noise and everything that goes along with it. We put all genres together in a basket, and we will forgive those people who do not know the songs we play, as we do not know them well!😀 Anyway, on Saturday, January 25th, we are very much looking forward to your whistles, hugs, general drama!
Hence, from rock and blues music that reluctantly never to disappear from our planet, we hop from David Bowie, Arsen Dedic, without any particular cause, to Disciplina Kicme, Rambo Amadeus, and to worse... more or less to everything the band members grew up on and have never put together in one gig. Now we did it, and fun is also fun.
Fabrica 071 is a team that likes to play with different genres of music, make their own and spoil someone else's! We are somewhere in a third of the album, we are making it with the beat and we are making spots in the swimming pool..
The admission is 5KM, as an investment in young and promising musicians!😁

band members:

Semsudin Maljevic - Vocal
Safet Borcilo - bas guitar and vocal
Salih Burza - drums and vocal
Almir Spahic - guitar and vocal

Fabrica 071 at the jazz club Jazzbina
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