Jazzbina presents

Feversex live at Jazzbina

the photo above shows the band's gig at the Klub studenata elektrotehnike, Zagreb.

about the band

A young band from Zagreb who makes multi-genre music trips; funk, rock, prog, swing, jazz... But somehow they always come back with hard funky grooves with sex and love themes. Behind them are a number of successful performances, a plenty of upbeat audiences and an EP debut entitled Gola (Naked).
Comfortable shoes and good will are a must!
Starts at 22h - ticket 5 KM.

band members

Matija Halabarec - gutar, vocal
Vito Korunic - guitar
Dorian Scholz - drums
Jakov Gojmerac - bass
Jovan Starcevic - keyboards
Rok Mozbah - trumpet
Jakov Ramnicer - saxophone
Irma Bulaja - violin
Barbara Vlainic - viola

Feversex live at Jazzbina
jazz klub Jazzbina Sarajevo - Jazavac je naš maskota

jazz klub Jazzbina
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