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Skroz live at Jazzbina

about the band

SKROZ was formed in Sarajevo in 1996. They first introduced themselves to the audience with the song "Sve sam jači" (1999), and they made a leap to the regional market in 2005 with the song "Srušio sam stan". So far, they have released three albums - Skroz (Croatia records - 2000), Savršeni Organizam (Menart - 2004) and Regija (Hayat production / Menart - 2008), and four solo singles - Afghanistan (2005), Igraj Bosno (2006), Amerikanac (2011), and Raj (2013).
Over the years, they have recorded a large number of concerts throughout the EX YU space and have successfully collaborated with the production company PRO.BA, credit for visualizing a large number of singles, along with friends Dino Saran, Sejo Sexon, Elvis J Kurovic, Edo Maajka, Srdjan Todorovic and Branislav Trifunovic.
tickets in presale 12KM / on the day of the concert 15KM
reservations on the phone 061 311 523

band members

Adnan Saran - vocal
Dejan Ostojic - bass guitar
Nedzad Mulaomerovic – drums
Elvir Salcinovic – guitar
Nino Skiljic - keys

Skroz live at Jazzbina
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