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about the band

Sunday Stories is music project formed in year 2013 by Nina Babic. You see, Nina had a wish to sing jazz in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where she is from. When she met Sasa Ciric sceptically but enthusiastically, together, they decided to give it a try. However, Sasa was huge rock fan, so by the time they realized all of their cover jazz songs sounded like rock and pop, also bit of punk and soul too! But this was a good thing because their music sounded very urban, unique and appreciated by all generations, so the project called Sunday Stories was founded.
Nina then started writing songs, so first single Bajka was published in 2015. Bajka was the first jazz & blues authentic song written in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the past 20 years of time, and, boy, was it well received. So well that main music production house in Bosnia and Herzegovina offered Sunday Stories album to be recorded and published under their name (BHRT) which happened in year 2017, when full album with 9 songs was published. Edgy & jazzy latino hit single called 'My man is a dick' made it to MTV platform. Famous Bosnian music critique, Mr. Amir Misirlic wrote and published full review of songs listed on the album, saying that all of the people in Bosnia and wider, if he was to be asked, should listen to Sunday Stories music.
Thanks to the album (same named as project itself- Sunday Stories) Sunday Stories members travelled through Balkans (Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Macedonia, Albania, Slovenia), creating amazing atmosphere on live concerts with loads of performance dancing, energetic and passionate solo acts from both vocal and instrumental parts of songs. Their concerts contain both covers and original music mostly in the manner for dancing with fast tempos and Ninas specific rhythmic moves as well as scat singing.
Sunday Stories makes its way to become mainstream project, promoting not only original music but calling people out to be beautiful as they are and to remain true to themself, unique and as for different, to use their freedom in all positive ways and to learn from each other instead of hate or fear each other.
You can reserve your seats via our contact page or by phone on 061 311 523.

band members:

Nina Babic - vocal

Sasa Ciric - guitar and vocal

Mustafa Mute Kurtalic - bass guitar

Mirza Sijercic - tenor saxophone

Benjamin Halilovic - drums

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Sunday Stories live at Jazzbina
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