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LET 3 live - jazz club Jazzbina

about the band

LET 3 are not just bizarre, weird quirks but a first-rate rock attraction and a true unique artistry. After the initial fascination of what LET 3 was indeed, the other qualities became more visible; exceptional lyrics, always perfect performance level (primarily frontman and singer Zoran Prodanovic Prlje), dramaturgical and stylistic concerts and public appearances in general, musical specificity, based on indie franticism developed to exquisite refinement, always followed by a specific humor and bizarre sensation.

LET 3 live - jazz club Jazzbina

band members:

Damir Martinović (Mrle) - bass guitar, effects, vocals
Zoran Prodanović (Prlja) - vocals
Ivan Bojčić (Bin) - drums
Dražen Baljak (Baljak) - guitar
Matej Zec (Knki) - guitar

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